Sharing the knowledge..

A few months ago I was contacted by the secretary of our local Ham Radio club, SK7JC, and asked if I could arrange a presentation of Digital modes on HF for the regional meeting for the Swedish national Amature radio accosiation in Karlshamn. The club had been appointed to host the meeting and was looking for activities to fill the meeting schedule.  I was thrilled and honored by the fact that they contacted me and I accepted the task and started working on a scope for the presentation.

I finally decided to have a light approach to the topic and only present the BPSK and JT modes i a light technical description, along with hardware and software demands and some useful tips and tools. To top it of, I will do a practical demonstration of a JT65/9 session to show the fun and fascination of the two modes. With this I will also demonstrate the usefulness of QRP operation with digital modes as I will use my FT-817ND  and Signalink USB interface in the demonstration.



I’ve been working on the presentation, slides and notes a lot and I now feel like I’ve achieved a full working presentation. The Presentation will be published here on the blog the 15:th of november for those interested in seeing it. Note that It’s in Swedish! 🙂






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