About SM7VRZ

About me..

I’m a Swedish Ham-radio operator licensed by the PTS (Swedish national post and telecommunication authority) with class 1 license for the amature radio service.DSC_1723

Born in 1977, and licensed since 1995, I’ve been fascinated by radio in the areas of antennas and propagation of radiowaves. In 2010 I moved to my first house in the town of Bromölla which enabled me to do more experiments with building my own antennas for the HF frequency bands. Aside from the antenna experiments I also enjoy digital modes as PSK31/63/125, JT65/9 and also RTTY.

These pages will cover my HAM radio hobby and all things related to it.

73 de SM7VRZ

If you would like to contact me please fill in the form below.

Vill du komma i kontakt med mig kan du fylla i formuläret nedan.


2 thoughts on “About SM7VRZ

  1. i have 817nd and singlalink usb but no power on trasmit. What are your jumper settings on the usb? i have mine at recommedned. on their site.

    • Hi Wayne,

      I also use the recommended jumper settings for the 817 in the Signalink USB. There can be a number of reasons why you can’t get any power in transmit. I can give you a simple fault guide based on the most common reasons for this. Based on that you have the jumper settings correct and the cable connecting the Signalink to the radio (if you have audio in to the software you are using this probably is the case) it looks like the following;

      1. Make sure your radio is set correctly in “dig”-mode when using the signalink with the 817. Otherwise the radio will not use the signals connected through the accessory connector when in transmit.

      2. Be sure to choose the correctone audio output device in the software that you are using. The output signal may be routed to the wrong device. When the correct device is used and the output signal is strong enough to trigger the PTT in the signalink you willbe hear the PTT-relay click in transmit.

      3. Check the output signal so that it’s not to low for triggering the PTT-relay in the signaling. Experiment with the volume control for the output signal in the Windows audio mixer or in the software you are using for digital modes.

      I hope that this will be helpful in with finding out what’s wrong with the setup.

      Happy holidays and 73 de SM7VRZ 🙂

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