2015 Projects

As it is the beginning of the new year I’ve started to think about future projects and activities. During the autumn of 2014 I.ve collected both som ideas and material to start som inteteresting builds and projects. My goals for this year is:

  • Renovate and improve my Inverted-V multiband antenna.Some renovation is required on the wire connection to the center isolator as i ignored to solder the wire to the cable shoes and weather protect them.DSC_0379
  • Try to find a better place for the GP-1500 vertical, which is now located to close to the kids swing set in the garden. You don’t want them to go to near it when the antenna is in use. Also, it have to be “masked” as much as possible due to demands from the mrs.
  • Move the UHF/VHF antenna to the top of the roof. Well, now it´s located on my balcony and have the house screening the signals from the east. Also, I would like to have the three element yagi for 2m plus a rotator up. That´s a later story.
  • Find a battery and case for QRP portable work with my FT-817. This have been on my mind for a while as I would like to work more QRP portable with my FT-817ND. The antenna part is already worked out with dipole antennas for selected bands. It´s more of a question of finding a battery pack and a carrying case with suitable space for antennas, radio and battery.wpid-IMAG1392-picsay.jpg
  • Try to activate the SJ7SOP signal on more modes and bands during July. I will try to make a third attempt to break the number of QSO made the first year with this call.

Now, that´s what´s planned. Lets see what will actually get done? 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ