Sharing the knowledge, again!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the project manager and president of SK7BQ, Kristianstads Radioamatörer, if I was able to host a short presentation on their annual field day/meeting called Bockebodaträffen. The meeting is a tradition since 2012 and is a get-together for local hams as well as for the hams in the southern parts of Sweden.  Usually there is a ham radio flee market but also some of the national ham radio resale companies are selling electronics and other useful stuff.

I gladly accepted the offer and since my presentation of digital modes on HF, that I did a couple of years ago, was interesting for the arrangement we agreed to do a new version of this with more focus on how to connect your radio to the computer, configuration of software’s and other good to know information. The software focus will be primary on WSJT-X and JT9/JT65 modes.

Right now I’m working with the presentation material and I do feel glad, inspired and proud that I’ll get yet another chance to share the knowledge and inspire other to start with digital modes! 🙂

Since the presentation is only made in Swedish for the moment, an English version will be posted later on for those of you who are interested.

73 de SM7VRZ


JT65/9 and BPSK presentation in English…

For those of my international readers there is an english version of the presentation on the DL/SM7 meeting in november. The presentation can be found here.

The presentation can be downloaded after following the link and using the download function in the reader.

73 de SM7VRZ

Finally it’s finished!

Well, now it’s finished! The presentation material for the Swedish Amatureradio Asocciation regional meeting in Karlshamn the 15:th of november is now finally ready. I’ts been a number of hours in the making but I’m quite content with the result. Luckily I’ve had some help with the proofreading from a  good friend and Hamradio colleague, SA7BXO Anders. A big thank’s to him is in order! 🙂

A “teaser” in PDF format is available here for those who are curious about the content. Notice that it is in swedish! The complete presentation will be published here on the blog the 15:th of november.



Sharing the knowledge..

A few months ago I was contacted by the secretary of our local Ham Radio club, SK7JC, and asked if I could arrange a presentation of Digital modes on HF for the regional meeting for the Swedish national Amature radio accosiation in Karlshamn. The club had been appointed to host the meeting and was looking for activities to fill the meeting schedule.  I was thrilled and honored by the fact that they contacted me and I accepted the task and started working on a scope for the presentation.

I finally decided to have a light approach to the topic and only present the BPSK and JT modes i a light technical description, along with hardware and software demands and some useful tips and tools. To top it of, I will do a practical demonstration of a JT65/9 session to show the fun and fascination of the two modes. With this I will also demonstrate the usefulness of QRP operation with digital modes as I will use my FT-817ND  and Signalink USB interface in the demonstration.



I’ve been working on the presentation, slides and notes a lot and I now feel like I’ve achieved a full working presentation. The Presentation will be published here on the blog the 15:th of november for those interested in seeing it. Note that It’s in Swedish! 🙂