SJ7SOP, 2016 activity

July is coming up soon and it´s time to prepare for the SJ7SOP activation for the 2016 season. Because of the late summer vacation this year there will only be activity during the weekends and evenings for the most of the month. The 25/7-30/7 there will be more activity during daytime as this is the…Read more SJ7SOP, 2016 activity


Weekend Hamradio..

Sometimes you do get amazed by in what mysterious ways that nature works. This weekend has been on of those times when I get that "wow"-feeling while at the rig. One of my fascinations about this hobby is just the "nature" part of communicating with distance stations, the way we use nature and natural phenomenons…Read more Weekend Hamradio..

Translations and summer plans..

It seems like there's some time between the updates in the blog right now and I do have my reasons for it. A hectic work situation with a number of new projects starting and an ability not to leave the thoughts about the project situations when you get home have rendered me some what exhausted. However…Read more Translations and summer plans..

New dev release for WSJT-X..

I discovered today on a JT65 facebook group that there is a new development release of WSJT-X available. This version, V1.5.0, is told to have some improvements  regarding decoding and computer optimization why it can be worth trying. I've installed it on my own station computer along with the new release of JTAlert 2.6.0.  …Read more New dev release for WSJT-X..