A new mode..

Well, It´s been a while since I updated this blog. It seems that time Is a rare commodity and also the fact that you have to remember to  actually update the thing once and a while. Anyway, I´ll try to make it a habit to update it more often from now on! 🙂

Since last time I´ve made a discovery of a new exciting digital mode on HF. I´ve heard it before on the bands, especially on 20m band when switching from PSK to RTTY where the activity center is located between the two subbands. What I´m talking about Is JT65 and JT9, two exciting modes for designed for weak signal communication. So far I´ve made roughly 500 logged contacts since January and worked more DX than using PSK in two years. I’ve even worked my first contact with New Zeeland, ZL3NB with a distance of 17954km, which is the furthest so far! Even some Australian stations have been worked.

So why is this mode so exciting? Other than the ease to work DX stations It´s the protocol and technology Itself that makes It interesting. I´m planing to write a longer post about the JT mode later on.



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