SJ7SOP is a special callsign used for operation in connection to the Sea of Peace (SOP) award during the month of July. I am the operator of the call during the activity and has been using the call since 2013.  The call have mostly been active on digital modes (PSK31/63/125, RTTY and JT65/9).

The Sea of Peace activity for 2013 produced over 350 QSO:s while the 2014 activity produced less than 200 QSO:s. For 2015 the count was 400 QSO:s which is the top score so far! Logs are searchable at and


For the activation of 2016 the plan is to beat the 400 QSO record and also add some more
SSB voice activity to the schedule. For those interested, more info will be posted to the blog before the activity season begins.

You can read more about the SOP-award here.

73 de SM7VRZ



During the activity in 2016, the following bands and modes will be activated:

  • 80m; SSB, PSK31/64/125 and JT65/9
  • 40m; SSB, PSK31/64/125 and JT65/9
  • 30m; PSK31/64/125 and JT65/9
  • 20m; SSB, PSK31/64/125 and JT65/9
  • 17m; SSB, PSK31/64/125 and JT65/9
  • 15m; SSB, PSK31/64/125 and JT65/9
  • 12-10m when conditions are favourable; SSB, PSK31/64/125 and JT65/9

The on air status of the call sign and any activation plans can be found on my page for SJ7SOP and hopefully the callsign will be spotted on the clusters when it´s active aswell.

My hope this year is to beat the current record of 350 QSO:s and I think that activating the callsign in phone will give me a chance doing so.

For you interested in receiving a paper QSL for a contact made during 2016 is kindly asked to request this in the QSO or by E-mail to Paper QSL will normally be sent by the bureau. IRC coupons is rejected and unfortunately not valid for use with the Swedish postal service. A request for direct QSL will be taken into consideration in every separate case, as I can´t meet every request and the cost for these.

However, EQSL:s will be sent for all contacts made during the activity.

For more information about the award, see the SOP website.

Hope to meet you on the air in July! 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ



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