SOP Aniversary activation..

The month of July is almost around the corner and its time to prepare for the SOP-activity, 2018 edition. This year the SOP-award has its 60 year anniversary why to celebrate this occasion, a number of foreign SOP-stations have been given a special function during the activation period. SJ7SOP have been given the privilege to be one of those station which is really an big honor!


I have just completed the call sign application for SJ7SOP and will be able once again to work the call sign during the month of July. More information about how to work the call can be found on the SJ7SOP-page here on the blog.

Did you know that the SJ-prefix is actually a rare prefix in the Swedish call sign series? The prefix is, since the new guidelines from the Swedish authorities came in to place,  no longer able to be assigned. Existing calls, like SJ7SOP is only allowed to be prolonged why working any of the Swedish SJ-SOP call signs is a chance to catch a rare prefix! 🙂

Now, back to preparing for the activation..




SOP-activity 2017, results are in..

It’s a new month and with that the end of the SOP-activity for this year. The results are in and it seems like I’ve managed to get enough points to for the award this year aswell! From an activity point of view I’ve didn’t manage to get that many stations worked as hoped and only digimode but there will be more chances  to do better next year! 🙂

The complete log will be available soon on Clublog and for thoose interested to see wich stations that was worked.

Some quick statistics for this years activation: 🙂

Top three worked continents:

Quantity Continent
226 Europe
6 Asia
5 North America

Top three longest distance:

# Call Mode Band Distance
1 W0OGH FT8 20m 8814km
2 JR3IIR FT8 20m 8489km
3 JA4FKX JT9 30m 8397km

Top three shortest distance:

# Call Mode Band Distance
1 SM7IUN FT8 40m 111km
2 SP1BBV JT65 20m 287km
3 DF9OX FT8 17m 361km

Rarest QSO:

Call Mode Band Distance
SO1WS FT8 10m 3872km

Number of worked SOP-qualified countries:

Quantity Country
44 Germany
19 Russia
14 Finland
10 Poland
8 Sweden
4 Norway
2 Lithuania
2 Latvia
1 Estonia
1 Denmark
1 Kaliningrad

Already looking forward to the next activation and hopefully a lot more stations in the log! 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ

SJ7SOP 2017 Activation


The first of July is coming closer and the preparations for the 2017 activation is under way. Antennas are checked, the rigs are prepared but sadly the shack computer conveniently crashed during the preparations. 😦  However my laptop will fill in as a replacement for the time being. 🙂

The activation plan this year is to cover as much bands possible with as many modes as possible. Please have a look at the SJ7SOP page here on the blog or the SJ7SOP page for more information. I normally do prefer digital modes but this year I will try to make an effort to work more SSB.

Maybe I`ll be seeing you on the bands? 🙂



SJ7SOP lives on!

As I blogged in November last year, it seemed like the 2017 SOP-activity would be the last with the SJ7SOP callsign due to new regulations from the Swedish telecom authorities, PTS.

The Swedish Amature Radio society, SSA, has been delegated the exercise of authority over certain amature radio related questions for a number of years (along with military organisations). During the end of 2016 the delegation expired why the PTS sent out a new proposal for delegation to the SSA which contained a number of changes in the management of callsigns. To make a long story short, the new proposal hindered the SSA from issuing and prolonging any callsign i the SJ-prefix series which meant that the call would be invalid after July 2017. The prefix series was to be reserved for future use by the PTS. This limitation in the new delegation, together with other matters was addressed by the SSA to the authorities and a negotiation was made.

Last week, the SSA announced that they had accepted the delegation which now had been modified in certain areas, among others the management of callsigns. To my joy the already registered callsigns in the SJ-series was accepted to remain and now also able to be prolonged. No new callsigns in this series is to be given out why the SJ7SOP call is now a rare call!  😀

So, this means that the annual SOP-activation with the SJ7SOP call is secured for at least a number of years ahead! 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ

The end for SJ7SOP?

As some of you know I have the yearly tradition of participating in the Sea Of Peace award activities with the SJ7SOP-callsign. I´ve been doing this since 2013 but now some three year later It seems like the call might never be aired again.

The Swedish Post and Telecom authorities, PTS, is about to extend the delegation of the exercise of authority over amateur radio related questions to the SSA, the Swedish Amateur radio association until 2020. The SSA has, for some time now, already had this delegation but this time the authorities are now, for the new delegation, setting up restrictions for the use of certain groups of callsigns in the the Swedish prefix series. In short, the SJ prefix is no longer allowed to be used as a special callsign without the PTS specific consent. The delegation proposal is now out for referall to a number of organisations and governmental entities and will be coming to effect the first of January 2017.

In worst case this means that the SJ7SOP is no longer allowed to be used as a special callsign and the activities in July 2016 was the last time that the call was aired. As a result of this I’ve contacted the PTS with some direct questions about what criterias have to be meet to be able to continue to use the call and/or the requirements that is needed . Hopefully I’ll get a positive answer to my questions.

As a backup plan I’m about to do an early application for the use of the callsign,  as all special calls are given permission for use a year at the time. Hopefully I’ll be able to “safe” the callsign for the  2017 activities which will buy me some time arranging the future use of the callsign.

An alternative for the future use is also to apply for a new special call, preferably from the SE and SF prefixes.

More to come in this further on. 🙂




In the mail..

Time for a update!  Been quite inactive, again, on the blog. Why is it so hard to just write sometimes? 🙂

Well, the fact that I´ve made a jump start on the work front after the vacation with a TON of mail and things to do have probably contributed to the fact that I didn’t want to spend any more time in front of a computer unless you have to! 🙂

DSC_1720With that said there have been some results from this year SOP-activity that arrived in the mail. In an  envelope stamped in Germany the SOP-sticker arrived and is now hanging on the “shack”-wall next to the SOP-pennon that i received last year. Even though this year didn’t generate as much QSO:s as I originally intended, I’m still looking forward to next years activity. Hopefully my vacation will be in sync with the activity this time. 🙂

There has also been some paper QSL:s dropping in to SJ7SOP during the latest “harvest” in the clubs QSL post office. I haven’t yet had the time sorting through al of them and responding with a QSL back put I’ll be putting some time aside for this during the fall.

73 de SM7VRZ




SJ7SOP – progress & news..

It has now been three days into the SJ7SOP activity and It feels good to to air the callsign again! During the first days I´ve mainly been active on 40, 30 and 20m on JT-modes and there is around 50 stations worked in the log. This early in I´m actually only a few points away from fulfilling the required 15 points for the SOP-award. Not bad!  I´ve actually managed to get tomorrow off from work because of some changed plans for some work traveling, why I will try to be a bit active on 80m tonight! 🙂

For this year I also decided to make the eQSL for SJ7SOP more uniform with the papper-QSL. The reason being that I probably send more electronic QSL:s than paper. 🙂


The eQSL-card, above, has basically the same image as the paper-QSL as shown below.

SJ7SOP (1)

Even though I’ve made a eQSL version of the card, this doesn’t mean I´m not going to send any paper-QSL. If you want a paper-QSL for a QSO made during July, please send me a paper-QSL or contact me and it will be sent via the bureau. 🙂

Now, back to working some stations! 🙂