SOP-activity 2017, results are in..

It's a new month and with that the end of the SOP-activity for this year. The results are in and it seems like I've managed to get enough points to for the award this year aswell! From an activity point of view I've didn't manage to get that many stations worked as hoped and only…Read more SOP-activity 2017, results are in..


SJ7SOP 2017 Activation

The first of July is coming closer and the preparations for the 2017 activation is under way. Antennas are checked, the rigs are prepared but sadly the shack computer conveniently crashed during the preparations. 😦  However my laptop will fill in as a replacement for the time being. 🙂 The activation plan this year is to…Read more SJ7SOP 2017 Activation

SJ7SOP lives on!

As I blogged in November last year, it seemed like the 2017 SOP-activity would be the last with the SJ7SOP callsign due to new regulations from the Swedish telecom authorities, PTS. The Swedish Amature Radio society, SSA, has been delegated the exercise of authority over certain amature radio related questions for a number of years…Read more SJ7SOP lives on!

SJ7SOP, so it begins..

Today is the first day in the month of July and it's time to activate the SJ7SOP call. Yesterday evening was spent configuring the logbook and software settings in the station computer to be ready to work some stations tonight. Sadly I didn't manage to get my vacation during the complete month but I'll do…Read more SJ7SOP, so it begins..