New year, new challenges..

DSC_2321The updates on the blog during the last few months has been rather slow and not as many as i would like it to be. This is mainly because a lot have happened since the end of September last year and the energy for blogging have shifted focus somewhat towards my new job as a Technical Superintendent in marine electronics at the Swedish Coast Guard, as well as another honoring request. During the autumn I was contacted by the editorial staff of the Swedish Amature radio association magazine, QTC, to start a new digital section of the monthly magazine. After some consideration I decided to accept the request but with a focus mainly on digital modes on HF.

I managed so far to publish two contributions to the digital section and have another for publication by the end of this month. The articles will also be published here on my blog for download. You can find them, in Swedish, on my special section on the blog. My hope is that the readers will find the section both interesting and inspirational to learn more about digital modes in general. My goal is also to inspire to experimentation and to educate to make the readers able to get more out of the ham-radio hobby. I’m really looking forward to write more for the new section and to discover more about digital modes in particular!

73 de SM7VRZ, Anders


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