It’s a new month and with that the end of the SOP-activity for this year. The results are in and it seems like I’ve managed to get enough points to for the award this year aswell! From an activity point of view I’ve didn’t manage to get that many stations worked as hoped and only digimode but there will be more chances  to do better next year! 🙂

The complete log will be available soon on Clublog and for thoose interested to see wich stations that was worked.

Some quick statistics for this years activation: 🙂

Top three worked continents:

Quantity Continent
226 Europe
6 Asia
5 North America

Top three longest distance:

# Call Mode Band Distance
1 W0OGH FT8 20m 8814km
2 JR3IIR FT8 20m 8489km
3 JA4FKX JT9 30m 8397km

Top three shortest distance:

# Call Mode Band Distance
1 SM7IUN FT8 40m 111km
2 SP1BBV JT65 20m 287km
3 DF9OX FT8 17m 361km

Rarest QSO:

Call Mode Band Distance
SO1WS FT8 10m 3872km

Number of worked SOP-qualified countries:

Quantity Country
44 Germany
19 Russia
14 Finland
10 Poland
8 Sweden
4 Norway
2 Lithuania
2 Latvia
1 Estonia
1 Denmark
1 Kaliningrad

Already looking forward to the next activation and hopefully a lot more stations in the log! 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ


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