As some of you know I have the yearly tradition of participating in the Sea Of Peace award activities with the SJ7SOP-callsign. I´ve been doing this since 2013 but now some three year later It seems like the call might never be aired again.

The Swedish Post and Telecom authorities, PTS, is about to extend the delegation of the exercise of authority over amateur radio related questions to the SSA, the Swedish Amateur radio association until 2020. The SSA has, for some time now, already had this delegation but this time the authorities are now, for the new delegation, setting up restrictions for the use of certain groups of callsigns in the the Swedish prefix series. In short, the SJ prefix is no longer allowed to be used as a special callsign without the PTS specific consent. The delegation proposal is now out for referall to a number of organisations and governmental entities and will be coming to effect the first of January 2017.

In worst case this means that the SJ7SOP is no longer allowed to be used as a special callsign and the activities in July 2016 was the last time that the call was aired. As a result of this I’ve contacted the PTS with some direct questions about what criterias have to be meet to be able to continue to use the call and/or the requirements that is needed . Hopefully I’ll get a positive answer to my questions.

As a backup plan I’m about to do an early application for the use of the callsign,  as all special calls are given permission for use a year at the time. Hopefully I’ll be able to “safe” the callsign for the  2017 activities which will buy me some time arranging the future use of the callsign.

An alternative for the future use is also to apply for a new special call, preferably from the SE and SF prefixes.

More to come in this further on. 🙂





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