So, now the month of July has come to an end and It´s time to see if I´ve managed to reach my goals of 400+ QSO:s. Sadly, this year I only made 180 QSO:s in the log and the reason for this is mainly that my vacation was late this year, leaving not much time for working with the call. Instead I´m looking forward to next years activation and I´ll try to plan the vacation a bit better next time.. 😉

I also want to thank all of you who managed to work the SJ7SOP call and hope that I´ll work you again next year. All of you should have received an E-QSL if you are connected to the EQSL service. Also, if you wish, you can receive a paper QSL through the regular channels. Please contact me if you wish to receive on or send me on of your own to get one in return. The logbook for this years activation can be downloaded here. The log is also available on Clublog and

Now It´s time to do some analyzing to see if I have met the required 15 points for the SOP pennon this year, hopefully I´ll have! 🙂



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