SJ7SOP – progress & news..

It has now been three days into the SJ7SOP activity and It feels good to to air the callsign again! During the first days I´ve mainly been active on 40, 30 and 20m on JT-modes and there is around 50 stations worked in the log. This early in I´m actually only a few points away from fulfilling the required 15 points for the SOP-award. Not bad!  I´ve actually managed to get tomorrow off from work because of some changed plans for some work traveling, why I will try to be a bit active on 80m tonight! 🙂

For this year I also decided to make the eQSL for SJ7SOP more uniform with the papper-QSL. The reason being that I probably send more electronic QSL:s than paper. 🙂


The eQSL-card, above, has basically the same image as the paper-QSL as shown below.

SJ7SOP (1)

Even though I’ve made a eQSL version of the card, this doesn’t mean I´m not going to send any paper-QSL. If you want a paper-QSL for a QSO made during July, please send me a paper-QSL or contact me and it will be sent via the bureau. 🙂

Now, back to working some stations! 🙂




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