Today is the first day in the month of July and it’s time to activate the SJ7SOP call. Yesterday evening was spent configuring the logbook and software settings in the station computer to be ready to work some stations tonight. Sadly I didn’t manage to get my vacation during the complete month but I’ll do the best I can working as many stations as possible.

I’ve also made some experiments with a 80m sloped antenna during the week and I’m planning to make this a bit more permanent in the antenna farm. Although it has to go through the democratic YL-approval before it will be definitely permanent.. 😉 I will leave it up during July for testing and evaluation/trimming and will hopefully work some SOP-contacts with it.

For those interesting in working the SJ7SOP call, visit the callsigns page where the online status can be seen. There will also be possible to see the latest worked stations as well as to search the station online logbook.

73 de SM7VRZ / SJ7SOP


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