Sharing the knowledge, again!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the project manager and president of SK7BQ, Kristianstads Radioamatörer, if I was able to host a short presentation on their annual field day/meeting called Bockebodaträffen. The meeting is a tradition since 2012 and is a get-together for local hams as well as for the hams in the southern parts of Sweden.  Usually there is a ham radio flee market but also some of the national ham radio resale companies are selling electronics and other useful stuff.

I gladly accepted the offer and since my presentation of digital modes on HF, that I did a couple of years ago, was interesting for the arrangement we agreed to do a new version of this with more focus on how to connect your radio to the computer, configuration of software’s and other good to know information. The software focus will be primary on WSJT-X and JT9/JT65 modes.

Right now I’m working with the presentation material and I do feel glad, inspired and proud that I’ll get yet another chance to share the knowledge and inspire other to start with digital modes! 🙂

Since the presentation is only made in Swedish for the moment, an English version will be posted later on for those of you who are interested.

73 de SM7VRZ


One thought on “Sharing the knowledge, again!

  1. Thanks for the great article on the KAM+ . I recently unearthed my old Kam+ and it failed to operate.
    Stumbled on your article and replaced all the electrolytics and it works like it did when I bought it about 20 years ago. Thanks and 73

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