In the mail…

For the last three years I’ve worked the SOP activity with the SJ7SOP call but the first two years the contacts wasn’t enough to earn the SOP Pennon. The main reason was the lack of worked stations by the Baltic. Although I didn’t get enough points for my own part, I think I helped a lot of other operators to earn some. This year I filled in the application and managed to reach well above the required 20 points.

In the mail today was an envelope posted in Germany. The contents, well look at this! 🙂


The SOP pennon on the shack wall

It’s really nice to receive the pennon for my activity during July this year. I do feel I can take some pride in it since it’s my first reward or pennon EVER during my 20 years as a HAM. 🙂

Now, I do look forward to the 2016 activation. Can I beat this years record of 400 QSO:s? 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ


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