The design is finished..

The QSL card design for this years SJ7SOP activity has now been decided, ordered and hopefully delivered in a few days. As mentioned before, Tony from LZ1JZ Print have as usual done a great job with the design! Also a BIG THANKS´s to my friend and HAM-radio colleague Patrik, SM7URN, for letting me use one of his wonderful photos as the front side. How it looks? Here it is folks! 🙂


SJ7SOP (1)

Sölvesborg MW Broadcast transmitter antennas. Photo by SM7URN, Patrik Nilsson.

The front side is a photo combining a wonderful view of the Baltic sea outside Sölvesborg and some local radio history. The antennas in the background belongs to the Medium Wave broadcast transmitter located at Björkenabben in Sölvesborg community, county of Blekinge in Sweden. The transmitter was commissioned in 1985 by the Swedish National Telecommunication Authority and was used by the Swedish public service radio, SR, for national and international broadcasting. Sadly the station was shut down in 2010 after serving the Swedish public and listeners abroad for nearly 25 years. Today, the transmitter itself is long gone and now the only thing remaining is the station house and the two antennas. Their fate is yet to be decided but enthusiasts, which some are members of the local HAM-radio club SK7JC (VBSA), are doing their best to save the buildings and antennas as a historic building.

The QSL cards will be distributed, hopefully, in November to those who requested it. The policy this year is only to send QSL when requested. If you wish to receive a card, please mark your QSL card to receive it or contact me.

The next couple of days will be a time of waiting as I’m expecting a nice surprise in the mail. What it is? Well, keep watching and you will find out what it is! 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ


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