SOP progress..

Today it’s the 26/7 and there are just six more days left in the SOP activity. My goal this year was to beat the existing record of 350 QSO:s and work some more voice mode. So far up to this date I’ve fulfilled at least one of the goals and that is that the count of QSO:s is now up to 370. Maybe not much to the world but for me it’s a really staggering number as I normally focus on working DX and “quality not quantity”.

QSL front SJ7SOP 2015


Thanks to the fact that choose to work more on 40m this time around I’ve worked more stations in the Baltic area. This also had the pleasant effect that I might be able to apply for the SOP pennon this year! If my calculations are correct I’ve reached up to the 15 points required for European stations .

Well, the activity ain’t over yet and I’m planning on at least breaking the 400 line in the logbook. Hopefully I’ll get some time for this today, Sunday.

Hope to hear you on the bands!

73 de SM7VRZ/SJ7SOP 🙂


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