Long time, no update…

Tonight I realized that it was a VERY long time ago I updated or even wrote anything in the blog. The reason for this is something in between that I have totally forgotten about it and the fact that my work has been taking up most of my energy lately. Regarding my work, it has been a rather intensive period in my project managing role but things are starting to level out. It´s also a personal joy to find my efforts being appreciated among both customers and my employer. All the hard work is hopefully going to end up with a vacation somewhere in the beginning of July and that’s when my QRP-kit will come in to full use.

The progress with the kit has been slow but I’m starting to look at some antenna solutions that may be useful depending on the selected QTH. As a start, I’m planning to use a simple 20m dipole that can be suspended as a ordinary dipole or as an inverted V. As a complement I´m looking to make a linked dipole with sections for multiple bands. Now when it´s springtime and warm outside I don´t really have any excuse for starting trying out my ideas for the antennas. The picture below was taken some days ago and shows my GPM-1500 vertical in front of our lovely cherry tree in full bloom. 🙂


As you may remember, I made an article for the Swedish QTC-magazine earlier this year about JT9. This was the first time I´ve made an article for publishing in a magazine and I had some doubt´s on how it would be received by the readers. Since the publication I´ve seen some indirect feedback on my article proving that I´ve managed to make some impact inspiring people to try JT9 and digimodes. This makes me very glad and it has also had some nice side effects bringing me in contact with an old colleague from my days of working with maritime radio communication.

The experience has also given me some more ideas to make a new article and I hope to be able to put some time aside for it.

73 de SM7VRZ


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