New dev release for WSJT-X..

I discovered today on a JT65 facebook group that there is a new development release of WSJT-X available. This version, V1.5.0, is told to have some improvements  regarding decoding and computer optimization why it can be worth trying.

I’ve installed it on my own station computer along with the new release of JTAlert 2.6.0.

WSJTX v150devel plus JTalert 26


Screendump of my desktop running WSJT-X 1.5.0 along with HRD and JTAlert V2.6.0

Also there is a new function regarding the colors shown in the Band Activity and Rx Frequency window which allows you to change the colors of the received messages. The pink one really added some color to the software! 🙂


Colors wsjt-x 150

Color selection in WSJT-X 1.5.0

Can’t wait for the official release! 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ



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