The printed word..

Now we are some 13 days in to the new year and so far I´ve only worked ten QSO:s in total. It´s not much but it seems like I´m in a “quality not quantity” phase with my QSO:s right now. Actually, most of the QSO:s are DX over 5000 km and only North America. The one holding the longest distance record this year, so far , is W8NNN with 6596 km @ 40M.

Besides from working North America, I´ve been busy with the QTC article which is now finished and I´m only waiting for the proofreading copy before the actual printing. As an addition to the article I´ve been producing an extended version for the blogg. It will be published in the begining of February as a separate page. Currently it´s only in Swedish but if there is enough request for an english version I´ll gladly make one. 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ



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