The first post on this blogg… :)


So, finally i got the blog up and running. I´m hoping this blog about my HAM-radio hobby will be updated a lot but don´t expect the impossible.. 😉

Anyway, as a start to this blog I will talk about some of my plans for the Sea Of Peace (SOP) activity for 2014 is progressing. Actually I´ve just started the planning with a short brainstorming on my own. My thought for the moment is to combine the SOP activity with the IOTA activity and to make a fieldtrip on one of the islands in the Blekinge archipelago. This might help bringing up the number of QSO and, the most important thing, have more fun!

So far I´ve looked at places in the Karlskrona area as it has a number of lager island with possibility for electrical power and some comfy living. I stumbled on to this place, the Aspö Pilot Tower.

The tower was used by the pilotservice between 1945 to 1988 and is located at the island of Aspö. The site is a good candidate for a activity site if there is a possibility for renting or borrowing the top room. It may be an ideal place for using wire antennas as slopers along the side of the tower?

Well, I may have to think about that.. 🙂

Meanwhile I´m thinking about more potential sites you can have a look at this video from a recent DX expedition to Panama made by a number of HAM-radio operators. I must say I´m a bit envious. Who would´nt like to have a nice island like theese as a summer QTH? 🙂

73 de SM7VRZ


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